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“No Backlinking” Authority Website Project – Day 1

by Jonny78Admin on June 29, 2012 | 0 comments

I decided to start a new project in celebration/disgust of the Google Penguin update.

A lot of my websites were slapped when the Google Penguin update happened in late April. I believe most of them were penalized because of over-optimization.

At the time I was really heavy into Blog Networks and my anchor text links were probably 40 – 50% directly linked to my main keyword.

So the results were a big impact to me and most of my niche website portfolio went from earning a decent daily income to $0 overnight.

This inspired me to start a new project. A sort of challenge to Google.

I decided to give Google what they want. A large authoritative website (monetized with Adsense) with no backlinking done…at all

My plan is as follows:

  • Build a large authoritative website in a profitable niche (I already know the ad payouts are high in this niche). Aiming for over 1,000 total pages of content.
  • Hire expert writers and writers who are highly knowledgeable in this niche (I’m too lazy to write 1,000 pages).
  • Use good on page SEO, but no offpage SEO (includes backlinking).
  • Only form of promotion will be social media (Facebook and possibly Google +)
  • I will use an Adsense layout that has a proven high CTR

The layout with look something like this:

Authority page project homepage layout

This is of course a risky project, but what project isn’t. 1,000 pages of content at $5 a pop should cost me a minimum of $5k…but looking at the bright side, I don’t have to spend an a$$load of money on links.

I plan on building the site month by month as follows:

  • Month 1 – The first month I will only add a total of 10 pages (blog posts)
  • Month 2 – The second month I will add an additional 10 blog posts
  • Month 3 – The third month I will add 10 blog posts again
  • Month 4 & Beyond – After the 3rd month I’ll really pour the content on. I’ll add 1-2 posts per day. Hopefully by this time I’ll have a solid full time writer that I can trust.

I’ll install Google Analytics and track long tail keywords. After a hundred pages or so, I’ll start to use long tail search terms as blog posts to try to generate laser targeted long tail keyword traffic.

This is obviously going to be a long term project so I’m planning on giving monthly updates on stats (traffic, revenue, etc).

It’s going to be very important on this project to provide very high quality content to the user if I want to stand a chance against all of you whitehatters & blackhatters.

I could lose my ass on this, but it will be fun. What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know if you think this is a great/horrible idea.

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