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Hey Everyone, I believe that being honest and truthful with people is just overall good karma…and yes I am a diehard believer in karma. So I created this disclaimer page to put everything out there in the open for people to see.

This website and free video course is designed to help you make a lot of money. You can use the system I provide you to generate a full time income and a legitimate business.  The honest truth is that most of you won’t make this kind of money. Making a full time living off Google Adsense income, is not easy to do and requires a massive amount of hard work, failure, and persistence. On top of that, almost everyone fails at the beginning when no guaranteed money is coming in…this makes it even harder to succeed. Most people don’t have the drive to keep going and master the process to see the payout when it happens.

If you follow the advice I give in my free video course, and work your tail off with a never quit attitude, you WILL MAKE MONEY. The key is not giving up, even with you fail over and over again.

If you want to get good at making money from Google Adsense and really anything in life, you have to respect the process…you won’t succeed and make money over night. Anyone who tells you that be very wary…

The best way I can relate it, is how right after New Year’s and everyone set’s their New Year’s resolution and the gym is packed. They start out doing 3 hour workouts and 16 sets of Bench Press in one workout. After a couple of weeks of this, and they don’t look like Mr. or Mrs. Olympia they get burned out and quit. Then in March, the gym is empty again. Well it’s the same thing in internet marking and Google Adsense. If you truly want to make a full time living with Google Adsense, just refuse to be one of those people. Stick with it, respect the process and refuse to give up no matter what.

Just to be master of the obvious, I’m an affiliate marketer so the links I have on this website will likely result in me making a commission on the sale. However, please know that these products I actually use in my business and the method I teach you guys is how I pay my bills and I literally couldn’t live without these tools. If you aren’t cool with using my affiliate links, no big deal just don’t use them.

I hope that you can see now that I’m a man of my word and that you can make a full time income using Google Adsense and still maintain honesty and integrity. I’ll show you exactly how to do this by simply filling in your email below.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this,

Jonathan Chambers – Google Adsense Training Coach

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